04 October 2009

"Frida's Shoes" 2 weeks ago

"Frida's Shoes" as of 3 October 2009
3 October 2009
You are probably wondering what happened to Frida's Shoes? I've been working on it. After almost throwing it "under the bed", Frida's Shoes is ready for critiquing. I've had 2 critiques so far, made some modifications, so I'm ready for yours.

Problems with this painting. I ordered paper and instead of cold press ended up with hot press paper (smooth surface). This is what happens when you don't open up the box and check it out when you receive it. Oh well. On this paper the paint sits on top of soaking in. Other problems have been getting the shawl to look real, folds in the material, the difference in colors on this new paper etc.

Pam Bleakney