18 April 2010

The Last 6 Months

I'm going to be canned as a blogger, so here I am with my news. What an exciting 6 months this has been. Frida has been good to me!!!! Frida's Chair was juried into the Arizona Watercolor Association's (AWA) Spring show. Frida's Garden was juried into the AWA Fall Show and also into the Beautitude's Show. The Eyes Have It was juried into the Sahuaro Ranch Show and won "Best of Show" in the Sun West Art Show. Frida's Shoes, which almost ended up under the bed, was accepted into the Traveler Magazine, will be in the Artist of Promise show at the Orpheum Theatre on April 29, 2010. Frida's Shoes was also submitted along with 4 other entries into the League on Innovation National Competition from the state of Arizona.

I promise this week to put a photo of the finished Frida's Shoes, and Frida's Trees and Frida's Purse this week. The latter two have been reworked, plus my new one Frida's Boudoir. Till then.......

04 October 2009

"Frida's Shoes" 2 weeks ago

"Frida's Shoes" as of 3 October 2009
3 October 2009
You are probably wondering what happened to Frida's Shoes? I've been working on it. After almost throwing it "under the bed", Frida's Shoes is ready for critiquing. I've had 2 critiques so far, made some modifications, so I'm ready for yours.

Problems with this painting. I ordered paper and instead of cold press ended up with hot press paper (smooth surface). This is what happens when you don't open up the box and check it out when you receive it. Oh well. On this paper the paint sits on top of soaking in. Other problems have been getting the shawl to look real, folds in the material, the difference in colors on this new paper etc.

Pam Bleakney

30 August 2009

For my new painting "Frida's Shoes" I used my Frida Kahlo shawl for the background, making sure her face showed so the title would make sense. Of course, the face is distorted by the folds in the cloth. More interesting for painting and drawing! Visits to the local Goodwill provided wild shoes which I laid out on the shawl. Don't expect the shoes to look like the photo.. I will be able to use my imagination to design shoes I think Frida would love.
The photo I liked best.
The photographer.

My Goodwill finds!!! For those that don't know every other Saturday is half price day at Goodwill! See you next week!
More Fridas:

"The Eyes Have It"

"Frida's Garden"

"Frida's Trees"

Look for a posting when I start my new painting "Frida's Shoes"

Me in my studio with "Follow Your Dreams" a pen and ink.

24 August 2009

24 August 2009

This blog is set up for myself and any viewers who are interested in my painting process and progress of my Frida Kahlo series of paintings. I may also add some of my pen and ink drawings and their progress. Depends on how things go.

I am posting my previous Frida paintings. "Ode to Frida" was juried into the AZ Watercolor Assoc. Spring Show and "The Eyes Have It" was juried into the West Valley Art Museum's summer show. Some of the others still need work mostly on the Hands. Always a problem for me even after a couple of semesters of life drawing.