30 August 2009

For my new painting "Frida's Shoes" I used my Frida Kahlo shawl for the background, making sure her face showed so the title would make sense. Of course, the face is distorted by the folds in the cloth. More interesting for painting and drawing! Visits to the local Goodwill provided wild shoes which I laid out on the shawl. Don't expect the shoes to look like the photo.. I will be able to use my imagination to design shoes I think Frida would love.
The photo I liked best.
The photographer.

My Goodwill finds!!! For those that don't know every other Saturday is half price day at Goodwill! See you next week!


  1. Your imagination is astounding!! Where did you ever come up with the idea of the sexy shoe arrangement? I know Frida and her eyebrow would approve. She is a most intriguing character as proven by your interpretations of her. I have always thought she was a tad ego-centric due to her being the only subject she ever painted (well, almost) but perhaps it only proves she knew she had more talent than that swine she was married to. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more surprises from you!

  2. I have been waiting a long time for some kind of action on this blog. What has happened to your creative juices? All dried up? Time to buckle down in that studio of yours and produce something for your fans!